The judges


The judging panel for the Inspiring Safety Awards is a potent mix of safety and communications professionals. They all understand that real change only happens when you inspire others to take up the challenge. Each, in their different ways, has made it their life’s work to communicate ideas and inspire change.
Head Judge: Ken Woodward

Ken is inspiration personified. Since his own accident left him blind, he has worked tirelessly to persuade and inform people about the necessity of culture change for safety. He is recognised globally as a leader in this field. Every year he logs thousands of miles to visit and inspire people to change the way they perceive safety.

Jennifer Deeney

Jen works tirelessly to improve people’s understanding of workplace safety and the devastating impact of getting it wrong. She is a hospital matron but finds the time to tell the story of her husband’s fatal accident and its aftermath. She has been an inspiration to thousands of works in construction and elsewhere. She has recently raised more than £200,000 for The Lighthouse Club, a charity supporting families of those involved in construction accidents.

Doug Kessler

Doug is Creative Director at Velocity Partners, an agency specialising in business to business marketing for technology markets. He is a thought leader who develops compelling stories for his clients which he uses to help them inspire new business. He has an amazing skill for taking an idea and turning it into a project that delivers results.

Martin Woodall

Martin is the founding director of Lattitude Safety and a world-renowned safety consultant. He is perhaps best known for implementing the Zero Accident Behaviours culture change programme at Coca Cola but he has worked with companies in almost every sector from nuclear to paper supply.

Adrian MacLeod

Adrian is a communications and media consultant who works with magazine companies and corporations to develop inspiring website content. He specialises in making words, pictures and navigation truly useable. He knows the nerd stuff inside out but understands it’s getting inside people’s heads that really makes the difference.


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