2012 winners


Those who made the final stages in the Inspiring Safety Awards 2012 represent some of the finest achievements in behavioural safety.

There are three categories. Follow the links below to see the finalists in each category. The winner in each category will be picked from the shortlist and the awards presented during the SHE Show in Blackpool on 26 June 2012.


Most Inspiring Individual

John Mulholland
Slicing Manager
Midshire Foods

John created a community-based safety programme presented to 850 factory staff, supervisors and managers at Midshire foods. It includes plenty of examples of incidents from his life as a ham slicer.
The programme makes the most of John’s long experience in the job and people react well to his heart-on-sleeve approach. He makes sure there is plenty of audience participation and everything is in plain English.
In 2001, the company had 399 staff and recorded 284 injuries. In 2011, it had expanded to 850 staff and if it had kept the same accident rate that would have meant 600 injuries. In fact, there were actually only 44.

Highly Commended: Most Inspiring Individual


Most Inspiring Team or Organisation

Storengy UK

Storengy, a subsidiary of GDF SUEZ, is Europe’s second largest natural gas storage operator. Storengy UK is constructing a gas processing plant to service a 400 million cubic metre underground natural gas storage facility in 28 underground caverns.
Since the start of construction in January 2008, 1.8 million man-hours have been expended on the project and yet there has only been a single reportable accident (in April 2008, a delivery driver crushed his thumb in the tailgate of his lorry).
Storengy UK took a total team approach with the aim of having no accidents, with no harm to people, and no damage to the environment. It introduced a number of processes to help people understand the risks and so behave more safely. These include a series of site safety visits which demonstrate management commitment and encourage discussion about health and safety. There is also an observation programme to involve everyone in identifying safe and at-risk behaviours.  To date there have been 1400 observations

Highly Commended: Most Inspiring Team or Organisation


Most Inspiring Campaign or Initiative

Highland Spring Group

Highland Spring wanted its best practice behavioural safety programme to be memorable and fun. So they take safety representatives to the local safari park. Here they watch meerkats from the Kalahari Desert and see how these animals naturally work as a team to behave safely.
In the programme, delegates learn about risk assessments and they get to test their new skills by working out the hazards and the controls needed with some of the most dangerous animals in the park: lions, tigers, rhinos and elephants.
The initiative has contributed to a 100% pass rate of the REHIS Intermediate Health and Safety Awareness course. One Highland Spring person had the best performance in the country in 2011 and was awarded the Highfield award.
The result of the programme is that the hazard reporting rate at Highland Spring has improved by over 100% in 2011. There has also been a tangible improvement in safety culture.

Highly Commended: Most Inspiring Campaign or Initiative


Special award for international entries


Coca Cola Hellenic – Athens, Greece

National Drilling Company – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Princess Cruises – California, USA



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