Winner: most inspiring campaign or initiative


Crossrail Ltd

(for Crossrail Gateway)

Hamza Shuaib from the Crossrail Gateway programme receiving the award from Jennifer Deeney

Hamza Shuaib from the Crossrail Gateway programme receiving the award from Jennifer Deeney (in the background: Ken and Sue Woodward)

Crossrail Gateway is a scheme to evaluate the standards of contractors for leadership and behavioural safety. By measuring and recognising excellence, it helps them become (and remain) world class in health and safety.

Europe’s largest construction project, Crossrail will provide a 100km link between East and West London, including 42km of new tunnels. More than 10,000 people work across 40 sites. Work on the project peaks between now and 2015.

Ensuring consistently high safety standards across a network of contractors and partner companies is a major challenge and Gateway has been central to that. But it aims to do more than simply check safety standards. It creates a healthy competition among suppliers to maintain their zero injuries goal. It allows them to benchmark their performance against each other and share best practice.

This mixture of assessment, competition and reward is encouraging companies in the scheme to explore better ways to achieve safety and adopt innovative solutions.

Highly commended: most inspiring campaign or initiative


Babcock Marine and Technology

for IIF – Home Safe Every Day

There is no if in IIF for Babcock Marine and Technology. The Incident and Injury Free – Home Safe Every Day project is a joint initiative between Babcock, the MoD and the Royal Navy at HM Naval Base at Faslane on the River Clyde. It is a full scale behavioural safety programme which motivates people to improve their own safety and that of everyone around them. The aim is improve the safety culture across the whole naval base.

The top-down programme started with workshops for the most senior managers and worked its way down to line supervisors. Each month, board directors visit various parts of the site to discuss safety issues and demonstrate their commitment. A reward and recognition scheme reinforces positive safety behaviour. This year, for the first time, the programme included a safety conference with the theme everyone has a role to encourage team-working and improvement across the site.

In five years, the number of RIDDOR reportable accidents has decreased by 58% and the total of injury accidents is down by 33%. In the same period, near-miss reporting went up by over 1000%.


Shepherd Engineering Services Ltd

for Going Live

People who work on a construction site face a whole new hazard when electrical systems begin to be switched on. The risk can be high and, because it is a technically complex area, many who work on site feel a little unsure.

Shepherd Engineering Services’ Going Live initiative solves the problem by telling everyone who works in this phase of construction about the electrical installation process and how it relates to their project. It gives them confidence about how to do their own job safely and it gives them a point of contact if they have questions about electrical safety.

Shepherd tailors its presentations, so people get more than a generic safety talk. They understand how electrical safety best practice applies to the project they are actually working on.

One construction manager who, prior to the electrical installations being energised had put all his site foremen, supervisors managers, subcontractors and facilities managers through the Going Live presentation comments: “The sessions where delivered in a professional, structured manner with specific reference to this project. The end result was zero related incidents.”


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